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solid wood furniture and wooden decoration for home and garden in Switzerland

Beistelltisch Baumstamm, Blumentopf Hocker, Asiatischer Tisch 75cm

Side table tree trunk, flower pot stool, Asian table 75cm

Flower pot stool: Natural elegance in Swiss style--Asian table 75cm: Harmony with nature in focus

Root table made of solid teak: Sustainable beauty for your home

A tree trunk side table is more than just a piece of furniture. With dimensions of 40 * 75 cm, it offers a perfect addition to Swiss balconies and living rooms, creating a connection with nature and offering maximum comfort.

Side table tree trunk, flower pot stool, Asian table 75cm

Flower pot stool: authenticity in a wooden trunk shape

With an exquisite combination of a wooden trunk stool and a flower pot, a small, hard wooden table of natural beauty is created. Made from solid teak sourced directly from Indonesia, the stool offers a unique, robust and sustainable design solution.

Asian table 75cm: Natural chic for your home

In terms of size, materials, colors and shape, the Asian table is the perfect addition to rooms in Switzerland.

About the size: Small but just right at 40*75cm

The dimensions of 40 * 75 cm make this table ideal for Swiss balconies or living rooms, where it fits seamlessly into the surroundings and offers maximum comfort.

About the material: Authentic teak for health and style

Made entirely of solid teak, the table presents a continuous table top without any joints. The thick and robust teak tree slice serves as a table top, while the table legs are made from naturally grown roots of teak trees.

About the color: A touch of nature in golden tones

The table top reflects the golden yellow, beautiful annual rings of the teak trunk, a color that only comes from teak trees that are over 50 years old. This bright orange shine is extremely rare and gives the table an unparalleled elegance.

About the shape: Naturally shaped tree disc

The exquisite, small and round table top is perfectly adapted to the natural shape of the tree disc. Precise cutting and designing creates a unique small wooden table or coffee table.

About Usage: Versatility for any room

Whether in the living room, the lounge, the balcony or the garden - this table can be placed anywhere. With a water-repellent clear lacquer coating, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

About the special features: Unique design and robustness

1. Visit our store in Zurich and experience the table in person.
2. Unique and stylish design that will add character to any room.
3. Sturdy and durable, without worrying about scratches or instability like other furniture.
4. Full solid wood construction improves indoor air quality compared to chipboard furniture.
5. Pricing options to suit every budget - wholesale prices start at just 120 CHF.
6. Free delivery on market price purchases - Buy now and benefit!

Don't wait any longer and discover the unique charm of the tree trunk side table for your home. Click here for more information and to purchase your table.

Side table tree trunk | Flower pot stool | Asian table 75cm

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