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solid wood furniture and wooden decoration for home and garden in Switzerland 🇨🇭

Buddha Deko: Beeindruckende Buddha Figur aus massivem Akazie Holz

Buddha decoration: Impressive Buddha figure made of solid acacia wood

Buddha statue: wooden sculpture 60cm for your home - Buddha figure: unique, stable and sustainable

Are you looking for an impressive Buddha figure made of solid acacia wood? Then our Buddha statue is just right for you! In this article you will learn more about the wooden sculpture measuring 60cm, its materials and colors as well as its unique attitude and meaning.

Buddha decoration: Impressive Buddha figure made of solid acacia wood

Buddha figure 60cm: Perfect size for Swiss living rooms

Our Buddha figure with a height of 60cm is the ideal decoration for medium-sized Swiss living rooms. The size is perfectly balanced - neither too big nor too small. Made from solid acacia wood from Indonesia, it is not only strong and durable, but also a natural and healthy choice. The solid wood improves the indoor air quality and gives your home a natural touch. The wooden sculpture is presented in a deep brown tone that reflects the natural color of the wood.

Wooden sculpture made of acacia wood: material, stability and color

Our Buddha figure is made from solid acacia wood, without any joints. The thickness and stability of the wood make them not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely robust. The natural color of the wood gives your room a warm and natural atmosphere. The wooden sculpture is not only a visual enrichment but also an environmentally friendly choice.

Buddha Statue Posture: Varada Mudra for expression and meaning

The Buddha figure assumes the posture of Varada Mudra, which stands for generosity and the gift of prosperity. This sitting posture expresses compassion and blessing and is an expression of inner peace and serenity.

Unique features of our Buddha figure

**Personal visit to Zurich:**

Visit our store in Zurich and experience the beauty of this Buddha statue in person.

**Hand Carved Uniqueness:**

Each figure is unique, hand carved and a work of art in itself.

**Robust and sustainable:**

The wooden sculpture is not only decorative, but also durable and sustainable.

**Air improvement through solid wood:**

The use of solid wood helps to improve indoor air quality.

**Attractive prices for bulk purchases:**

For bulk orders we offer unbeatable prices starting from 150 CHF per figure.

**Free Shipping for Market Purchases:**

Enjoy free shipping on market purchases. What are you waiting for? Click here and purchase your Buddha figure today.

Buddha decoration: Impressive Buddha figure made of solid acacia wood

Give your home a unique and spiritual atmosphere with our Buddha figure. Visit us in Zurich or order online today – quality, uniqueness and sustainability combined in one work of art.

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