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solid wood furniture and wooden decoration for home and garden in Switzerland

Der Irrweg des Möbelimports aus Indonesien nach Schweiz: Qualität und Kosten im Fokus

The wrong way of importing furniture from Indonesia to Switzerland: focus on quality and costs

In recent years, an interesting trend has emerged in Switzerland - many people are trying to fulfill their desire for high-quality solid wood furniture at affordable prices by sourcing furniture directly from Indonesia and importing it themselves. But this approach has some pitfalls and may not be as smart as it seems at first glance.

High transport costs: Transporting furniture from Indonesia to Switzerland involves considerable costs. The shipping costs for a cubic meter of cargo via general cargo sea freight from Indonesia to Switzerland are between 800 and 1500 US dollars - and these are just the transport costs, without taking into account customs duties and taxes.

Quality problems: Indonesian manufacturers are often not specialized in producing unique pieces of the highest quality. This can lead to a lack of attention to production or even quality defects if proper quality control is not carried out. Some unreliable manufacturers have also been known to take payments and then disappear.

Wood quality and moisture regulation: When it comes to solid wood furniture, the quality of the wood is crucial. This often requires personal selection on site or a reliable wood supplier to ensure the wood has the correct moisture control. Otherwise, problems such as cracking and warping could occur.

The better alternative: To ensure quality and save costs at the same time, importing entire container loads and mass production is the more sensible option. This is exactly where our service comes in. We offer tailor-made furniture at prices well below the Swiss market price. You can order your desired pieces of furniture from us according to your ideas. If you don't like a piece of furniture, you can easily replace it or choose a new one.

Visit our website to find out more about what we offer and choose the best furniture for your home. We specialize in high quality furniture imports and mass production to meet our customers' needs.

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