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solid wood furniture and wooden decoration for home and garden in Switzerland 🇨🇭

runder Gartentisch | Gartentisch wetterfest | Holztisch massiv 65cm

round garden table | Garden table weatherproof | Solid wooden table 65cm

Small garden table made of solid teak - perfect size for cozy meals for two

Our small dining table measuring 70*56*65cm is ideal for small dining areas, typical of Swiss households. These dimensions are also ideal for balconies or small gardens. Thanks to the water-repellent seal, it is perfect for outdoor use. The height of 65cm creates a cozy atmosphere and is ideal for shared coffee or tea times as well as as a dining table for two people.

round garden table | Garden table weatherproof | Solid wooden table 65

High-quality teak wood - sustainable, unique, and stable - nature-loving design with solid teak wood

The dining table is made of high-quality teak wood, which is obtained from the roots of teak trees in Indonesia. The solid teak tree disc for the table top is thick and robust, while the table legs are made from naturally grown teak roots. This not only gives the table an extraordinary look, but also makes it a sustainable and fashionable choice. The use of solid wood also improves the indoor air quality and creates a natural atmosphere.

The golden color of teak - an eye-catcher in every room - natural shine with a touch of orange

The table top of the dining table reflects the magnificent golden color of the teak tree disc, which can only be found in wood from teak trees that are over 50 years old. The surface exudes an orange shine that is very rare. Compared to other tables on the market, which often use younger wood, this table stands out for its unique shine.

round garden table | Garden table weatherproof | Solid wooden table 70*65cm

Unique design - Lifelike tree slice shape--Exquisite and irregular table shape

The artistic, almost round and irregular shape of the table was inspired by the natural growth of the tree disc. Through careful cutting and polishing, a unique and distinctive small wooden table was created - a real eye-catcher as a coffee table.

Versatile use - indoors and outdoors - suitable for every room and purpose

This small dining table can be placed in dining rooms, living rooms, lounges, large balconies or in the garden. With its water-repellent seal, it is perfect for outdoor use. The robust construction ensures that you don't have to worry about unsightly stains or unstable construction.

Special features and benefits--Unique design for the Swiss way of life

**Local purchase in Zurich:**

Visit our store in Zurich to experience and purchase the table in person.

**Unique Design:**

The table is not only beautiful, but also unique in its design.

**Robust and sustainable:**

A piece of furniture that is not only durable, but also environmentally friendly and health-promoting.

**Solid wood structure:**

Improves indoor air and offers a healthier alternative compared to chipboard furniture.

**Attractive price range:**

Wide range of prices – wholesale prices start at just CHF 390.

**Free Shipping:**

When you buy at market prices, you benefit from free shipping. What are you waiting for? Click here to purchase your table.

small dining table for 2 people | small garden table | Balcony table 70cm

Take the opportunity and integrate this unique piece of furniture into your home. Experience the quality, beauty and functionality of this small garden table that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

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