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solid wood furniture and wooden decoration for home and garden in Switzerland 🇨🇭

Salon table wooden trunk: Unique tree trunk coffee table for your home

Tree slice coffee table: Natural elegance in the dimensions 101x80*43cm

Perfect size for your living room: 101x80*43cm

Our wooden trunk salon table, measuring 101x80*43cm, is ideal for the cozy living rooms of the Swiss. These dimensions fit perfectly with L-shaped sofas, U-shaped sofas or a combination of open seating areas. The height of 43cm harmonizes perfectly with modern sofas and offers maximum comfort.

Tree slice coffee table: Natural elegance in the dimensions 101x80*43cm

High-quality material: solid wood made from acacia wood tree trunk

The coffee table is made of solid wood that comes from Indonesia. The robust acacia wood tree trunk without connection points forms the impressive 8 cm thick Suarholz tree disc. This natural choice is not only aesthetically pleasing and trendy, but also beneficial for indoor air quality.

Fascinating color: Deep brown with unique annual rings

The table top reflects the deep brown beauty of the huge acacia tree trunk. After three years of natural drying, the surface develops a shiny, yellow-brown tone - an extremely rare property. Compared to other tables on the market that are shipped directly from production, our table does not show any problems.

Attractive design: Irregular rectangle shape based on a natural tree disc

The table's artistic, almost rectangular, irregular shape is the result of precise cutting that reflects the natural shape of the tree disc. This unique coffee table, also known as a coffee table (coffee table), will add a special accent to your living area.

Attractive design: Irregular rectangle shape based on a natural tree disc

Versatile use: indoor and outdoor areas, offices and more

Place this table not only in the living room, but also in the relaxation room, on a large terrace or in the garden. It also cuts a fine figure in the lounges of commercial buildings. Thanks to the waterproof clear varnish seal, you can use it without hesitation.

Special Features: Unique design and durability

Showroom in Zurich:

Visit our store in Zurich and experience the table in person.

Unique design:

This table is unique and will give your living space a special character.

Robust and sustainable:

Enjoy worry-free - no worries about cup rings or wobbling like with pressboard furniture.

Solid wood structure:

Improve indoor air quality with solid wood compared to other furniture.

Price variety:

Large selection at unbeatable prices from 390 CHF. More information can be found here .

Free shipping promotion:

When you buy from the market, you save on shipping costs. Don't miss the opportunity to buy now .

Salon table wooden trunk | Tree trunk table | Living room table 101x80cm

Don't wait any longer! Click here and purchase this exclusive tree trunk coffee table for your home.

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