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Tipps zur Auswahl eines hochwertigen Akazie Baumstamm Couchtisch

Tips for choosing a quality acacia tree trunk coffee table

Part 1: Properties of acacia wood and origin

Acacia wood can grow enormously and comes mainly from tropical and subtropical regions. The cut pieces feature beautiful patterns and colors. However, there are different grades of this wood on the market. It is important to carefully distinguish the different grades as they may have varying characteristics.

Part 2: Selecting high-quality table top materials

  • Importance of color: Choosing dark wood species with beautiful annual rings is crucial. This means that these woods have grown for at least 15 years, are strong and resilient and do not deform easily. Light wood species that are close to white should be avoided.

  • Thickness requirements: In general, the table top of log tables should not be less than 7cm thick to ensure the stability of the surface, especially for large table surfaces. For large composite table tops, it should be checked whether there are internal steel structures to reinforce and prevent deformation. A minimum thickness of the table top of 7 cm is required for this.

  • Importance of dryness: For Acacia or Suar wood species, sufficient dryness is crucial for producing high-quality table tops. The moisture content should be less than 10%, which can be measured with instruments or roughly assessed by touching and observing the weight. Dryness directly affects the stability, appearance and longevity of the table. Dry, mature wood has a warm golden color rather than a pale white color

Purchase recommendations

When purchasing log tables, it is advisable to choose dealers who have warehouses and physical stores rather than shipping directly from the origin to the customer. This reduces the risk of getting damp wood. Products from retailers like these show good dryness and appropriate colors that meet quality standards.

Ultimately, these tips can help you find the ideal acacia tree trunk coffee table that meets the quality and beauty standards.

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