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Wie wählt man den richtigen Couchtisch?

How to choose the right coffee table?

How to choose the right coffee table: size, material, color and shape

The coffee table, also known as a "salon table" or "side table" or "living room table", is a central piece of furniture in your living room. Its selection should be carefully considered to ensure it fits your decor and is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In this blog post, we will focus on choosing the perfect coffee table, looking at the aspects of size, material, color and shape.

The right size

The size of your coffee table should depend on several factors, including the dimensions of your sofa and the available space in your living room. An important aspect is the distance between the coffee table and the sofa. To be able to stretch your legs comfortably, you should leave at least 40 cm of space between the sofa and the coffee table.

The size of the coffee table largely depends on the dimensions of the sofa and the space available in the living room. For a U-shaped sofa, the coffee table should be at least 40 cm away from the three sides of the sofa to create enough space. This results in the maximum size of the coffee table. An L-shaped sofa, on the other hand, offers a little more flexibility in the length of the coffee table, as a narrower table can be placed diagonally, increasing the possible length variations. An elongated, rectangular coffee table pairs well with a linear sofa, while round or oval tables pair well with seating areas. In large living or lounge areas, a high, square or round coffee table in the middle of the room can also work well. If your sofa is divided into two or three separate parts, you have the flexibility to arrange the coffee table depending on your preferences and the size of the room.

The height of the coffee table should generally be at least 10 cm higher than the seat height of your sofa to allow for comfortable reaching. However, if you have a carpet under the coffee table, the height can be a little lower as sitting on the carpet can be comfortable.

The right material

The choice of material for your coffee table not only affects its appearance, but also its durability and health. Cheap pressboard and tables with lots of adhesives can emit harmful fumes and are prone to unsightly stains from hot cups.

Natural materials such as teak, solid wood, glass and marble are healthier alternatives. Not only are they durable, but they also add a touch of elegance and closeness to nature. However, when choosing glass and marble tables, you should make sure that they match the colors and styles of the other furniture in your living room. Solid wood is a versatile material that fits seamlessly into most living room styles.

In Switzerland, not all solid wood furniture is overly expensive. There are some stores that offer high quality solid wood furniture at wholesale prices. This furniture is often made in Asian workshops, which offers cost advantages compared to large retail chains with their high operating costs. One such store that offers a wide range of high-quality coffee tables at affordable prices is Buddha Deko ( ).

Buddha Deko is known for its diverse selection of solid wood furniture, including coffee tables. These tables are not only of high quality but also available in different styles and shapes. The best part is that they are offered at affordable prices. This option allows you to purchase high-quality furniture pieces that perfectly match your living room without breaking your budget.

By choosing high-quality, affordable furniture like Buddha Deko coffee tables, you can ensure that your living room is not only stylish but also affordable.

The right color and shape

The color and shape of your coffee table should fit into the overall design of your living room. A harmonious color palette is important to create a harmonious overall picture. If you're unsure, a solid wood coffee table is a safe choice as it almost always goes well with other furniture. The natural grains of the wood add a touch of quality to your space and are easy to maintain.

The shape of the table often depends on your personal taste and the style of your other furniture. Round or oval tables have a soft, inviting effect, while square or rectangular tables offer a more modern look. An unconventional design, like an asymmetrical or irregular table, can be a focal point in a room.

In conclusion, choosing the right coffee table requires careful consideration. Consider the size, material, color and shape to ensure that your coffee table is not only functional but also a stylish element in your living room.

We hope this blog post helped you choose the perfect coffee table. If you have any further questions or need help choosing, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your living room deserves the best coffee table that suits your style!

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