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Handmade furniture and decoration 🇨🇭

Membership Conditions and Statement for VIP-A and VIP-B

Thank you for your interest in becoming a VIP member of our company.

Our membership is divided into two types: A member for purchasing decorations, Buddha statues and household items, and B member for all products including furniture. You can qualify for membership by purchasing products at the member price of a certain amount.

You can purchase the items you want directly at the member price. Just make sure that the minimum order value for the first order is 490 CHF (for VIP-A, without furniture) or 990 CHF (for VIP-B, all products available).

Shopping together with friends or family and using membership pricing to meet the member spend minimum is a cost-saving method, but only one member account can be created.

Conditions for VIP-A membership:

Advantages of VIP-A membership:

  • Enjoy exclusive discounts on decorative Buddha and household items on future purchases.
  • Take advantage of special offers and promotions limited to decorative Buddha and household items.
  • As a customer, you benefit from VIP prices on our decorative Buddha statues and household goods both in our store and online. Your name and telephone number serve as VIP ID.
  • After becoming a VIP member, you can purchase unlimited decorative Buddha and household items at the VIP member price, including future purchases of individual products.

Please note that VIP-A membership is only applicable to decorative items and does not include the comprehensive benefits of VIP-B membership.

Conditions for VIP-B membership:

Advantages of VIP- B membership:

  • Order custom made teak furniture at low cost.
  • We regularly offer free products exclusively for members.
  • You will enjoy VIP prices when you shop in our store or purchase our products online at any time. Your name and phone number serve as your VIP badge.
  • After you become a VIP member, you can purchase as many products as you want at the VIP member price.
  • Other benefits such as product change period of 6 months, priority for orders and VIP reception service for tailor-made furniture.

    Please note that orders valued at 990 CHF or 490 CHF for VIP membership eligibility are not eligible for the return service, only for the exchange service.

    By becoming a VIP Member, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to welcoming you to our company as a VIP member!

    Our product prices are fixed and there are no special offers. Exclusive discounts only apply to members, permanently.

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