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Handmade furniture and decoration 🇨🇭

VIP Customer Rights Statement

Thank you for becoming our VIP customer. We have created a separate account for you so that you can visit our store and online shop at any time.

  1. You will enjoy VIP prices when you shop in our store or purchase our products online anytime. Your name and phone number serve as your VIP badge.

  2. You have a product change period of 6 months. If the product is in perfect condition, you can exchange it for another product of the same value within 6 months.

  3. You have priority when ordering products. Pre-ordered products that you purchase in our store will be prioritized in the next container shipment.

  4. You will receive a VIP reception service for bespoke furniture. If you receive your customized products and change your mind, you can always exchange them for other products.

Thank you for your loyalty and trust. Thank you again for becoming our valued VIP customer!

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