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Flower pot stool | Stool wood | low stool | Yoga stool 40cm

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High-quality Asian furniture is highly valued by the Swiss. Teak is particularly popular because it is known for its authenticity, robustness and stability. The solid, sturdy yet elegant designs add a practical and exquisite touch to any room.

Flower pot stool | Stool wood | low stool | Yoga stool 40cm

Product Information:

material: solid teak

Color: Natural wood in brown-yellow with natural wood grain

Size (Length * Width * Height): 40x30x25cm

Weight: 2kg

Origin: Indonesia

Production method: handmade 

Learn more about teak: about teak

Teak furniture in Switzerland: Authentic, robust and valued.

Solid wood furniture: Improved indoor air, stable, durable, beautiful over time.

Teak tables: Durable, weather-resistant, pest-resistant, strong aroma.

Real quality: Solid, stable and elegant - high-quality Asian designs.

Our teak stool impresses with its hard texture, innovative design and fashionable elegance. The natural solid wood structure harmonizes perfectly with your garden or balcony plants.

Practical elegance for every room: flower pot stool, wooden stool, low yoga stool in 40cm.

Our teak stool is waterproof, robust, easy to clean and compact - an ideal choice for the garden or balcony.

unique properties of teak

teak wood – A natural wonder with extraordinary properties Why do people all over the world love teak furniture? The answer lies in teak's unique properties:
Robustness and longevity : Teak is one of the most durable woods in the world. Its slow growth rate of at least 50 years gives it exceptional strength and durability. A teak table can be enjoyed for generations.
Natural shine : The high oil and resin content of teak gives it a lasting brilliance. Over time, the wood develops an even more beautiful patina that underlines the character and elegance of the furniture.
Resistance to deformation : Thanks to the high oil and resin content, teak remains stable even under various conditions. Whether indoors or outdoors, your table will retain its shape and beauty.
Unique texture and aroma : The older the teak, the oilier and more robust it becomes. These natural properties give the wood its characteristic texture, a pleasant aroma and high resistance to environmental influences

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