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solid wood furniture and wooden decoration for home and garden in Switzerland

Tree trunk decoration 2m, wooden trunk decoration, wooden column decoration, wooden column 200cm

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Log decoration for Asian restaurants, living rooms and gardens in Switzerland

Give your room a unique atmosphere with our handmade wooden column decoration.

Massive palm tree

Totem meaning:
The intricately carved seaweed pattern on our pillar embodies the beauty of nature and noble qualities. As aquatic plants, seaweed represents liveliness and freshness, while the combination with flames symbolizes passion and power. This totem pillar conveys an aura of beauty, grandeur and purity and brings these elements into your space.

Size (L x W x H):

Special features:

  • Handmade from solid palm wood
  • Improves indoor air
  • Extremely stable and durable
  • Develops even greater beauty over time

Product description:

Experience the harmony of nature and art with our exquisite wooden column decoration. Perfect for Asian restaurants, stylish living rooms or relaxing gardens in Switzerland - this decorative column will transform any ambience into an oasis of calm and elegance.

Noble material:
Our decorative column is made from a solid palm tree, which makes it not only robust and durable, but also has a warm and natural look. The natural wood structure gives each piece a unique character.

Symbolic carving:
The seaweed pattern, masterfully carved into the wood, symbolizes the freshness and liveliness of life. The subtle fusion with flame motifs brings a powerful and passionate energy into the room. This combination makes the column a strong symbol of nature and human energy.

Impressive size:
Standing at 200cm tall and with a base measuring 60x60cm, this column is an impressive focal point that will instantly enhance any setting. It is perfectly proportioned to make a presence in any room without being overwhelming.

High-quality craftsmanship:
Each wooden column is unique, lovingly carved and finished by hand. The detailed depiction of the algae pattern gives the column a deep symbolism and aesthetic appeal.

Versatile use:
Whether in a restaurant, an elegant living space or a peaceful garden, this wooden column blends seamlessly into any environment and creates a special atmosphere. Its natural beauty and symbolic power make it a perfect centerpiece or decorative accent.

Durable and easy to care for:
Thanks to the robust construction made of solid palm wood, the column remains stable and beautiful for years. The natural wood texture improves the indoor air quality and becomes more and more attractive over time.

Why buy from us?

Bring the fascinating beauty of nature and the deep symbolism of the algae pattern into your home or business. Visit our decoration shop in Zurich or order conveniently online. Our handmade wooden column decoration is more than just a decorative piece - it is an expression of art and joie de vivre.

Buy online now and give your room a special touch!

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