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Handmade furniture and decoration 🇨🇭

Feb 1, 2024

Side table tree trunk, flower pot stool, Asian table 75cm

Discover the charm of the tree trunk side table - 40 * 75 cm, made from sustainable teak wood. Perfect for Swiss balconies and living rooms. Unique design, golden annual rings and robust natural shape.

Feb 1, 2024

Which painting fits best on the wall in the living room?

Deciding which works of art should decorate the living room wall can be a challenging task. Especially when it comes to XXL size Buddha images. But what factors play a role in the selection?

Jan 31, 2024

Which decoration fits well in the corner of the living room?

A majestic wooden column with a carved dragon will add elegance to your living room. The 200cm high tree trunk decoration made of solid acacia wood is handmade and brings nature and tradition into your home.

Jan 31, 2024

Where can you buy stylish wine racks?

Immerse yourself in the naturalness and beauty of our handcrafted wine rack made of solid acacia wood. With its unique cactus shape, it not only fits harmoniously into your home, but also offers a sustainable and stylish storage solution for your wine collection.

Jan 31, 2024

Which decorations belong on the living room table or the coffee table?

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dragon decoration! Our hand-carved dragon figure made of solid acacia wood (33cm) gives your living room a touch of strength and elegance. Unique, sustainable and culturally significant – an eye-catcher for your home!

Jan 31, 2024

Buddha decoration: Impressive Buddha figure made of solid acacia wood

An impressive Buddha statue made of solid acacia wood - closeness to nature and spiritual elegance for your home. Hand-carved, sustainable, unique.

Jan 31, 2024

Solid teak root table: Unique coffee table for your home

Experience the beauty and uniqueness of a solid teak root table for your home. With dimensions of 115cm * 70 * 50cm, this coffee table fits perfectly into any room, especially the average Swiss living room. Made from robust Indonesian teak, this table impresses with an unparalleled, natural aesthetic. The thick, golden teak tree slice and natural root legs not only add stability, but also a touch of luxury. Immerse yourself in the world of this extraordinary piece of furniture, which not only beautifies your rooms, but also stands for sustainability and naturalness.

Jan 31, 2024

round garden table | Garden table weatherproof | Solid wooden table 65cm

Discover our unique "Small Dining Table for 2 People - Unique Balcony Table 70* 56* 65cm" made of solid teak. With perfect dimensions for small spaces in Switzerland, this table not only offers a stylish solution, but also sustainability and closeness to nature. From the golden color of the teak to the unique shape - this table is not just a piece of furniture, but a work of art of nature.

Jan 31, 2024

Salon table wooden trunk: Unique tree trunk coffee table for your home

Discover the natural elegance of the Salontisch Holzstamm – a unique tree trunk coffee table, perfectly sized for Swiss living rooms. The 101x80*43cm Suarholz tree disc not only offers timeless aesthetics, but also sustainable robustness. With deep brown coloring and unique growth rings, this table will add a touch of luxury to your space. The irregular rectangular shape and the high-quality acacia wood make it a unique work of art. This versatile table not only fits various sofas, but also indoor and outdoor spaces. Available in our Zurich showroom or here at an unbeatable price.

Jan 30, 2024

Salon table wooden trunk – unique design for your living room

Tree slice coffee table – an eye-catcher measuring 108*72*43cm, perfect size for Swiss living rooms The wooden...

Dec 22, 2023

Tips for choosing a quality acacia tree trunk coffee table

Learn how to choose the perfect acacia tree trunk coffee table. From the properties of acacia wood to choosing the right color, thickness and dryness of the material - discover what is important when buying. Avoid damp wood and get practical tips for a stylish and long-lasting piece of furniture.

Nov 6, 2023

How to choose the right coffee table?

How to choose the right coffee table: size, material, color and shape
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