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solid wood furniture and wooden decoration for home and garden in Switzerland

Buddha decoration, Buddha made of teak wood, wooden sculpture 50cm

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Buddha statue/Buddha made of solid wood/wooden sculpture Buddha

Pure solid teak Buddha entirely handcrafted by woodworkers. Our Buddha are made of robust solid wood.

Solid wood Buddha

Solid Wood Buddha: Improved indoor air, stable, durable, beautiful over time

Wooden Buddha figure

Dhyana Mudra (Mudra of Meditation): The Buddha's hands rest on his knees with palms facing up. The right hand is on the left hand. This symbolizes meditation, concentration, calm and introspection.

Abhaya Mudra (Fearlessness Mudra): The Buddha's right arm is stretched upwards and the palm faces outward. This symbolizes courage, fearlessness, protection and redemption.

Varada Mudra (Mudra of Offering): The right hand of the Buddha rests on the right knee with the palm facing out. This symbolizes giving, compassion and pity for all living beings.

Vitarka Mudra (Mudra of Knowledge): The right arm of the Buddha is stretched upwards and the thumb touches the index finger. This symbolizes teachings, wisdom, enlightenment and preaching.

Anjali Mudra (Mudra of Prayer): The hands of the Buddha are clasped in front of the chest. This symbolizes respect, reverence, gratitude and devotion.

Dharmachakra Mudra (Dharma Wheel Mudra): The two hands of the Buddha are stretched upwards and touching the fingertips. This symbolizes the turning of the wheel of teaching and the teaching and propagation of the Dharma.

About teak

Why teak furniture is loved all over the world?

because teak has the following properties:

Robust and wear-resistant.
Teak is one of the most robust woods in the world. Teak has a long growth cycle and slow growth, from growth to maturity takes at least 50 years, old teak can generally live more than 100 years. Due to the long growth cycle and delicate texture, the specific gravity is about 1.3 - times the normal value.

Long service life of teak.
Teak furniture does not need to be varnished or necessarily covered. Even without any care, they stay beautiful for a very long time. Mandalay's teak U Bein Bridge has endured more than 170 years of wind and rain! and is still in use today.

Due to its high oil and resin content,
Teak will retain a high gloss over the long term. Therefore, the longer the teak furniture is used, the more beautiful it is.

Teak is not easily warped
The high oil and resin content in teak ensures that the fibers remain supple and break-resistant. Such a self-care wonder material is ideal for furniture. Teak is also ideal for frame constructions, windows and doors because the wood hardly warps.

Clear texture, strong aroma
Teak has at least 50 years from growth to maturity. The longer the tree age, the oilier the teak, the clearer the mineral lines, the stronger the scent, the better the stability and toughness of the wood, the better the resistance to insects, ants, acids and alkalis. Strong and extremely corrosion resistant.

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