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Buddha | standing Buddha | Anjali Mudra | Buddha wood 80cm

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Discover our breathtaking wooden Buddha figures made from acacia wood. These hand-carved solid wood sculptures are true works of art of wood carving and radiate a natural beauty. Perfect for living rooms, restaurants and modern and rustic decoration in Switzerland. Immerse yourself in the Buddhist art and crafts embodied in each character.

Buddha statue/Buddha made of solid wood/Wooden sculpture Buddha

Product Information:

material: solid acacia wood
Color: brown

Anjali Mudra

The Anjali Mudra, also known as the "greeting gesture", is performed by bringing the palms together in front of the chest. The fingers are aligned parallel to each other and the middle fingers are lightly touching each other. This gesture symbolizes respect and reverence. She encourages us to be humble and show respect for others and the spiritual. The Anjali Mudra is a gesture of prayer and worship and expresses our devotion and appreciation.
Size:H 80cm
Weight: 29kg
Origin: Indonesia
Production method: Handcrafted

Solid wood furniture: Improved indoor air, stable, durable, beautiful over time.

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