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solid wood furniture and wooden decoration for home and garden in Switzerland 🇨🇭

small wooden table, table for 2 people, round garden table, solid teak

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Product Information:

Table top material: Solid teak wood trunk

Table leg material: Solid teak root

Color: Natural wood in brown-yellow with natural wood grain

Table top thickness: 6cm

Size (Length * Width * Height):   70x56x65cm

Weight: 40-100kg

Origin: Indonesia

Production method: handmade 

Learn more about teak: about teak

Small , high-quality teak root table for 2 people: Natural Asian furnishing style in Switzerland.

Solid wood furniture: Improved indoor air, stable, durable, beautiful over time.

Teak tables: Durable, weather-resistant, pest-resistant, strong aroma.

Compact and naturally grained: small solid wooden table of the highest quality.

Our teak table impresses with its hard texture, innovative design and fashionable elegance. The natural solid wood structure harmonizes perfectly with your garden or balcony plants.

A piece of nature in the home: Small wooden table for 2 people - perfect as a garden table or balcony table in 70cm.

Our teak table is waterproof, robust, easy to clean and compact - an ideal choice for the garden or balcony, perfect for cozy coffee breaks for two.

unique properties of teak

Why is teak so popular? The answer lies in its unique properties:

Robust nature: Teak is one of the most resistant woods and impresses with its longevity.
Elegance of time : The wood develops a wonderful patina over time and radiates natural elegance.
Dimensional stability: Teak resists warping and remains dimensionally stable despite the effects of the weather.
Natural Attraction: The clear texture and strong aroma make teak an enchanting material.

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