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Buddha decoration | standing Buddha | Buddha statue | Buddha figure 100cm

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our teak Buddha figures. These hand-carved solid wood masterpieces embody the art of wood carving and exude natural beauty. Ideal for living rooms, restaurants and stylish decorations in Switzerland.

Buddha decoration | standing Buddha | Buddha statue | Buddha figure 100cm

Product Information:

Material: solid teak wood

Color: brown

Size (height): 100cm

Weight: 50-100kg

Origin: Indonesia

Production method: handmade 

Learn more about teak: about teak

Meaning of Buddha poses and gestures:

Vajra Mudra: "Vajra Mudra" is a gesture that symbolizes a firm will and inner strength. In this gesture, the right palm is opened outwards and raised to shoulder height, while the left hand is pointed downwards and the thumb and index fingers are intertwined, creating a hook-shaped hand position. This hand gesture represents a determined spirit and unwavering will and at the same time symbolizes wisdom and spiritual strength. It emphasizes inner fortitude and courage to overcome obstacles and difficulties in life. The "Vajra Mudra" is often used in the religious art of Buddhism and Hinduism and expresses the desire for spiritual strength and wisdom.

Experience the majestic presence: stylish standing Buddha figures made of 100 cm teak wood

solid wood Sculpture : Improved indoor air , stable, durable, beautiful over time.

Buddha decoration in a class of its own: Masterfully hand-carved Buddha statues for your living room in Switzerland

Buddha entirely handcrafted by woodworkers

Natural beauty in large format: solid wooden Buddha figure as an impressive 100 cm decoration for modern and rustic rooms

Wooden sculpture : durable, weather-resistant, pest resistant, strong aroma.

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